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Common myths about Graphic Design

by Tinga

How to design a beautiful website

There are a number of common myths about graphic design. Practically everyone on this planet has a specific idea of what it is in the first place. Therefore myths are not really unexpected to circle. I’m sure we all know someone who has done something in this area. Equally, I’m sure we know someone who believes it’s not ecen a real job. And the beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder, so why bother with it. Couldn’t be more wrong, really. In this post you’ll find the 9 common myths about graphic design that can influence our mind about the topic.

When you think about graphic design, what do you envision?

Is it an intense, fast-paced world filled with sketching pencils, coffee pots, and sleep deprived nights?

A tech-heavy profession that needs the use of Photoshop?

An artistic field that can never ever be mastered unless you’re Rob Janoff who developed the iconic Apple logo design? Or Carolyn Davidson who did Nike’s?

Graphic design is one of the most misconstrued creative industries, and it’s a fact.

Though there are lots of misconceptions about the market, do not let them stop you from developing and getting your message out into the world! It’s time to clean up some myths about what graphic designers do. Below, I note and expose the typical nine myths about graphic design that might be killing your chance to succeed in your industry.

Myth 1: A degree is necessary

Myth 2: Graphic designers are just required if there is something for them to design

Myth 3: Graphic designers only do logos, posters, and websites

Myth 4: Graphic designers are artists; therefore, they comprise their own guidelines

Myth 5: There are no genuine rules in graphic design

Myth 6: The more colors you use in a design, the better

Myth 7: Graphic designers are simply copycats

Myth 8: You should continuously use the current trends in graphic design

Myth 9: You must learn Photoshop or another tool before you can be a graphic designer


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