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Facebook Marketing And Advertising Training

by Tinga

What it’s all about? Facebook, of course. As it grows (400+ new accounts per minute…frightening…), so does its marketing potential for a regular guy like you and me. There are so many people on Facebook these days that it’s probably more impossible to NOT find prospects than the other way. But there are catches and twists, and it all can be very expensive if you just jump in it. This is where Facebook Marketing And Advertising Training comes in.

Who is Facebook Marketing And Advertising Training for?

It’s not an in-depth know-it-all solution, be sure of that. Facebook is so massive and complicated that there are thousands of books written on this subject and also millions earned doing trainings. So if you’re new to Facebook Marketing And Advertising and want to reach massive income in a month, you’re in trouble. Not because of this book, but because it’s just impossible. There are so many topics that even if you start learning today, you probably won’t know what hit you when you receive the bill from Facebook at the end of the month. Yes, it’s complicated.

Facebook Marketing and Advertising

But if you’re new and ready to dig in, starting slow and learning, this is the one.

It gives you overview of all the major topics that you must know about on Facebook, specifically orienting to marketing and advertising – as the title says. Majority of the book is targeted towards Facebook ads, which are the grounds you build your income on, as well as the most terifying thing out there, if you ask me. There are simply so many options and fine details there… Crazy. But it works, and Facebook Marketing And Advertising Training gives you a good overview of the topic.

What’s covered

While the first section covers mostly the basics (such as what Facebook is), the second one already plummets into the subject.

It includes topics such as creating an account, pages and groups, and additionaly a little bit on Messenger, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network ans Atlas. The latter is Facebook’s take on a way to effectively measure and keep track of all of the Ads in your campaign, and can be very important at later steps of your marketing. Numbers are everything, you know, when dealing with advertising. So you must know your numbers or you’re risking the whole business.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

dives deeper into the marketing subject, talking about Affiliate Marketing and how to do it on Facebook. In case you didn’t know, Facebook is somewhat alergic to affiliate marketing, particularly if done the wrong way. Doing so might cost you your account, so it’s definitely a subject to learn.

Additional Tips To Consider

deals with the most important dos and don’ts. These are also important, as Facebook’s penalties go from not showing your posts and all the way to suspending accounts. Plus, good practices are what you want to learn – and this is a good start in this direction.

More on Facebook Ads

is somewhat repeating, as Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies already presents advertising through the Facebook advertising platform. But it’s taken from slightly different angle, so no matter how “the same” it might look, it still brings some fresh information.

What to like about Facebook Marketing And Advertising Training

It’s definitely a good starting point if you’re new to Facebook, and it will give you directions you need to take. Given the price ($4.97), it’s ok. But what is rather shocking are the bonuses that come with it. They’re worth like 50 times the price of the package, and definitely a GO if you even remotely consider using them.


You get unlimited access to 2 SAAS (cloud-based) apps that are very powerful in building an audience and presence on Facebook, and additionaly 3 premium plugins that come with full giveaway rights. This means you’re allowed to give them away for free, and gather emails in return, building your email list in the process. I know it’s not the topic here, but yes, this is the basic of your online business, believe it or not.

All three bonuses combined are easily worth $250+ on the market, so… Should i say it again?

Upgrades to the main offer

There are two upgrades in the offer, and both are interesting.

First upgrade gives you full resell rights to this very training. Meaning, you get a minisite and the license, upload it onto your domain or subdomain, and start selling. Of course, you have to have a Paypal account first, otherwise you are not able to receive payents. And it’s all there for only $9.97, which is kinda funny. So actually you get full reseller license for less than $15, which gives you immediately the opportunity to test everything you learned with it and make some money. Good.

The second upgrade is Profit Canvas, a complete system for affiliate marketing.

Profit Canvas

While it may seem a bit overpriced in the context of the main offer ($49), I suggest you take a look at it. It really is a monster deal, with literally everything you need to start an online business – from the page builder to video software to live webinar presentation software to in.depth training and bonuses. Did you read it all in one go? You have to see it, so go on. Great.

The verdict

As already stated, if you’re new and eager to start, go for it.

If you’re not completely new and could still need the bonuses, go for it. You’ll not get them cheaper.

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you probably did not read this post to this point anyway, because it’s too “behind” for you. And that’s ok.


Facebook Marketing And Advertising



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