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Postley Bonus – Postley Review

by Tinga

A new online app is launching on Nov 3rd, called Postley. And it claims to be the world’s most complete Facebook Marketing and Instagram traffic software. It’s a bold claim, which is why I asked for a review access to see what it’s all about. So here’s a short Postley review, I hope you can get some useful information about Postley app in it.

Who is Postley For?

Not everybody. Postley is primarily targeted to the people who want to do active Facebook marketing, using the most powerful method, Facebook Ads. So, paid traffic generation. And because of this, of course, it’s not ment for everyone, simply because not everyone is doing Facebook marketing using ads or boosted posts. So if you’re a private Facebook user with no intention of promoting any of your websites, products or services, you can simply forget about Postley all together. It’s not for you. Just do something entertaining instead.

Postley Review

Review time was short so I did not have time to play with all of the modules as much as I’d want to (I’ll wait for it to launch and buy it anyway), instead, I played most of the time with the thing that draw my attention first. And this is Postley review: Smart Ads Scheduler.

It enables Facebook marketing automation in a very interesting and new way. Instead of you doing all the boosting yourself, it does it for you based on the specific rules you define for your posts. Feeling interested?

Please read more in the complete review.


Full comercial license with Postley – Start an online business

It also comes with full commercial license and enables everyone to start a lucrative agency business with Postley.

During the launch webinar, they will give away for FREE a full license with al lthe upgrades, as well as some other tools worth over $1k. Don’t miss the opportunity, sign up now.




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