ProfitDrive File Hosting

ProfitDrive Review – An extremely affordable file hosting

by Tinga

ProfitDrive Review – What is ProfitDrive?

ProfitDrive is a competitor to DropBox, one could say. We all know DropBox, right? You can upload your files there, create folders, share files with others, and so on. Well, that’s exactly what ProfitDrive does, only a little bit different. And, may I say, for a small part of the price. Join me for a few minutes with this ProfitDrive review and see what it can do for you and your business.

ProfitDrive File Hosting

The main functionality of the FE version

The FE version of ProfitDrive is limited to 250GB of space, and you can only use direct sharing. It means, everyone with the link will be able to preview or download the file, for as long as you leave the link active.

It’s a relatively basic file hosting system that allows the user to upload files, organize them into folders, share them, and use the platform as a backup device. For the price asked, which is $16.93 during the launch, I believe it’s very well worthed.

Everything you upload is encrypted, so only you can access your files with your account data. This is very important, and it’s there.

Available upgrades

As any other sofware, ProfitDrive lets you unlock additional features through upgrades. Here are the upgrades available:

  • ProfitDrive Pro Edition ($37)
  • ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition ($47)
  • ProfitDrive DFY Edition ($39)
  • ProfitDrive Reseller Edition ($197)
  • ProfitDrive IMX / Software Bundle ($97)

They’re describe them in more details at the end of the ProfitDrive review, and you can jump right there using this link.



ProfitDrive Review – The feel and look

Like I already mentioned, I have bought the FE plus 3 upgrades (ProfitDrive Pro Edition, ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition, ProfitDrive DFY Edition), so if you only take the FE, you’ll miss some of the things I talk about in this ProfitDrive Review.

My personal fellings are very good so far – not counting the initial troubles with registration. The system is very responsive, also the links provided work flawlessly. They are fast, too, at least as much as DropBox links. Of course, I’ll have to test larger files also, which I will definitely do, but so far the experience looks great.

From what I have managed to test, the system will come very handy with the marketing efforts. Especially since I have the possibility to include my sons as users (ProfitDrive Enterprise Edition feature) and also include any outsorced help, should I need it some day. I believe that if these guys can manage this platform it will be one of my “best buys” this year.




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