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by Tinga

E-books (electronic books) are books in a digital format, to be read on a computer, tablet, phone or a specialized reader device. With the modern technology today, you can easily choose which reading platform is best for your needs. E-books, just like printed books, have their own advantages; they’re easier to purchase, because you can do it online, no trees were sacrificed for it to be produced, e-books take up less space compared to printed books that you need a huge space to store them and, of course, they are very portable. This makes them very convenient especially when you are away from home.

E-books have really become really popular over the years. There are 20% of American bookworms that stated they have read more e-books than hard copy books. The e-book 2017-unit sales in the U.S. reached 266 million. No wonder people are continuously creating e-books – it has high demand.

Sqribble Review

Whether you just want to read or want to make your own e-book, there is already an existing platform for you. And what is even better? You can use it to earn some extra cash.

If you are just starting your online money-making venture or you have started online marketing but can’t seem to get it right in attracting traffic, Sqribble is for you.

Or, if you own (or work for) an established business that needs to publish ebooks (like manuals and other printables), Sqribble is also perfect for you.

Get Sqribble now

If you’re in a hurry, you can check the vendor’s page by clicking the button below.



Of course, you can also check a more complete review of Sqribble, to learn some more details.

Check the full review HERE.

Sqribble Bonus

If you’d like to use this opportunity to get your hands on some more great software tools, we have a great bonus package ready for you.

  • Reseller Box: A complete business-in-a-box, with premium plugins and all marketing materials included
  • Soci Quote: Cloud app that will help you create quotes from any graphics
  • Soci Offer: easily create offers on social networks
  • Social Click: create clickable posts for any social sharing venue
  • Soci Live: go live with your prerecorded videos and create a buzz
  • SocialInboxer: use the power of Messenger to connect with your audience and customers
  • Full commercial license with which you can sell any design you create
  • Client Management Dashboard to track your clients easily
  • Ebook profit formula: discover the ways to make a lot of money with ebooks
  • Instagram Stories: a quick and easy to understand guide to leverage Instagram Stories for maximum traffic
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertising: a comprehensive guide (117 pages) on Facebook marketing

Check Sqribble BONUS HERE.

The best ebook creator meets its best match

What ebooks are great for is educating people.

You can create short – or longer – manuals, reports, whatever you want and are good at.

But what to do with all these documents? You have a few options.

  • You can upload them to your website and let people download them for free.
  • You can gather people’s emails in exchange for a free download, in order to build an email list and market to these people.
  • You can build a membership site and require people to register in order to be able to download and read your documents.

But if you want to make some money with your work, you’ll need a training membership site.



What this means is a website where people register and then access your docs and trainings, either for free or by paying for them.

Click HERE to read some thoughts about creating such a site.

Or, you can directly check CoachZippy, one of the best things that happened so far this year. It has just about everything you to earn online, and ebooks can be a great start into this lucrative business.



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