WP Link Fixer

WP Link Fixer

by Tinga

Google changes

There’s a word from Google that they are changing their link assessmen protocols these days.

It’s about link spam policies, which Google enforces due to the rising amount of spam links included in web posts around the web. Whether it will make sense or not remains to be seen. But a fact is that if you’re relying on affiliate marketing of any kind to make afew additinal bucks online, or you’re even a pro affiliate marketer, this change will affect your business very soon.

In short: if you don’t describe your links to Google adequatly as affiliate links, once they find they really are, your pages will be demoted drastically down the search results pages. We all know what this means: less views, less money earned. In the end there will be no views, no visits and of course no income left.

WP Link Fixer

A plugin was published that can take your headache away if you’re using WordPress as your platform. It’s called WP Link Fixer and it does exactly what Google wants. In theory (so far, because the protocols are really young…), it will save your websites from getting sunked. In practice, I’d personally rather pay these $17 every week if it would protect me from what Google promises and save me from manually fixing all the links I have in my posts.

Actually, I did pay. The difference is I only paid once (like I said, $17) and can use this plugin on any number of sites, even if they don’t belong to me, i.e. client sites. I can even charge them for this “service” if I want to. That’s what the Commercial license that’s included means, and I love it! And while I don’t think I will charge any of my clients, I’m pretty sure I will mention it in my marketing and get a few extra points with the prospects.

WP Link Fixer review

As reviews are already out there, I won’t bother writing one right now. Let me just reasure you, the plugin does exactly what it says it does, and that’s all. Nothing less, nothing more, and this is exactly everything we need from it.

You can read more about the plugin on the link below. Read it and download WP Link Fixer, the sooner, the better.



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